Jinggoy defends going to US without his wife

Senator Jinggoy Estrada admitted he left the country without his wife despite his earlier statement he was going to accompany her to the United States for a medical check-up.

He however explained that her wife had to stay in the Philippines to take care of their sick child.

“Yes I admit I was not with my wife. We were scheduled to leave on the same day, on November 2. But unfortunately my eldest daughter was hospitalized she had to take care of her first and then on November 7 my wife is going to follow,” Estrada said in a phone interview with ANC’s Headstart.

Estrada said he has scheduled his wife’s doctor visit on November 8.

“I had already a scheduled appointment yesterday with the doctors of University of California in San Franciso and then I set another appointment of November 8 together with my wife.”

He also clarified that he only made a short stopover in Hong Kong before flying to San Francisco.

“I went straight to San Francisco. I stopped over in Hong Kong only in the airport and took a plane straight to San Fracisco,” he said.

The senator has vowed to be back in the country in time for the resumption of Congress on November 18.

Estrada left earlier this week despite the Justice Department’s request for the cancellation of his passport over plunder charges in connection to the multi-billion pork barrel scam.

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