Napoles' camp challenges AMLC to freeze lawmakers' bank account

The camp of businesswoman Janet Lim Napoles challenged the Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) to freeze all the accounts of the lawmakers implicated in the supposed pork barrel scam.

In an interview with ANC's Headstart, Lorna Kapunan, legal counsel of Napoles, lamented that the accounts of alleged operator of the scam and those of her family were frozen without legal basis.

“What is the basis? If the basis is the COA report, because that’s the only basis, remember she is in jail not for plunder so there is no complaint. If the AMLC says this is suspicious, what is their basis?” said Kapunan.

She pointed out that many of the allegations against her client stemmed from a report released by the Commission on Audit (COA) which also tagged other lawmakers in the misuse of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) as well.

“Their only basis can be the COA report, I will remind everybody that COA report had 82 NGOs, I challenge the AMLC, freeze all the accounts of the 82 NGOs. Why choose 7 of the 82? That same COA report also names senators and congressmen, they are not named ‘senators and congressman’, they are specifically named senator so and so, why don’t you freeze all their accounts? And I challenge you, not only all their accounts, the accounts of their children, the accounts of their staff, kasi pati staff, and the accounts of their offices.”

The Court of Appeals ordered a 6-month freeze on all bank accounts of Napoles, members of her family, other relatives, the staff of her JLN Corp and her other companies, and accounts associated with all the non government organizations (NGOs) that she allegedly formed.

But Kapunan said the children of the implicated businesswoman should not be dragged in the issue.

“Even the children of Mrs. Napoles who do not have anything to do at all, even if, assuming Mrs. Napoles is involved, why close the kids’ accounts? Who cannot even use their ATM to get gasoline to go to school. You’re talking about six months, you’re talking about the children of Mrs. Napoles and the husband who cannot eat.”

But a new whistleblower told ABS-CBN's Jay Ruiz that Napoles might have emptied all her bank accounts.

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Just last week, the appellate court has given the go signal to the AMLC to scrutinize all the bank and financial accounts of Napoles, her family and relatives, company, and organizations associated to her.

Napoles was tagged as the operator of the multi-billion pork barrel scam wherein her bogus NGOs allegedly received lawmakers’ pork barrel.

She is  currently detained at Fort Sto. Domingo in Sta. Rosa Laguna for the serious illegal detention case filed by pork scam whistleblower and former employee Benhur Luy.

Chargers in relation to the scam have yet to be filed.

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